Talent Development

If any of the above questions bother you every day, Prontoux is the right destination for you. We at Prontoux work passionately towards directing the correct and genuine profiles for your everyday requirements at the right place and right time. It’s our endeavor understand your requirement and transform it into suitable and genuine Candidates in the specified timelines.

Innovative Recruitment – The Prontoux Way

  1. Multiple Sources for Profiles
    1. Referrals

      We highly rely on Referrals as our primary Source of Candidate so that to know them and their expertise in depth prior to recruitment.

    2. Direct Apply

      Prontoux has a Direct Apply Platform to enable Candidates to apply for the Jobs which they wish to. This is to speed up the recruitment and narrow down the recruitment Funnel for Selective and Suitable candidates for that Job Profile. This is Powered by Email Communication for better bi directional connect.

    3. Multiple Job Portals

      We enable our recruitment Process with one of the best job Portals, Some of them are:

      1. Monster
      2. Indeed
      3. LinkedIn
      4. ZipRecruiter

    4. 500 + Trusted Vendors

      We Believe in Building long term and fruitful associations with vendors in Recruitment. As a result of this we have our trusted Vendor network with more than 500 vendors with whom we have successfully engaged in the past while adhering to our stringent recruitment Standards.

    5. Email Campaigns

      Prontoux has its internal Process FINE(Fast Intuitive Network Engagement). Using FINE, Email Campaigns are done on frequent basis to yield suitable Candidates for different Job Profiles from more than 10, 000 Vendors and Candidates.

  2. Quicker Profile Selection:
    1. RCS(Rapid Candidate Selection) – Screening Candidates using AI

      Prontoux aims to automate the recruitment process for Speedy and error free recruitment to the maximum possible extent. Out internal Algorithm RCS uses Artificial Intelligence to Pre Screen the candidate for their fitment for specific Job or other Jobs. All Job Applications have to qualify RCS to go to the next Stage.

  3. Multiple Screening Rounds
    1. Audio Screening

      Our initial Recruitment exercise employs Audio Screening to Access fitment on Basis of Communication Skill and Vocal tone and Texture

    2. In Depth Technical Screening:

      Prontoux has the mandatory hurdle of In-depth Technical Screening which needs to be crossed by every candidate. We have a dedicated panel of technical experts who have extensive experience in their domain. Based on the Job Description, the candidates have to be eligible n this Internal Screening. It is only after succeeding in the Internal Screening that the Candidate’s profile is shared with the client.

    3. Video Screening with Face Recognition

      Filtered Candidates have to go through mandatory Video Screening so as to establish credibility of Candidate Profiles

    4. Live Online Coding tests

      We employ live Online Coding tests depending on the Job profile and this has an extensive and in depth question Bank which is regularly updated.

    5. Blacklisting Fake candidates

      Prontoux is aware of the presence of Fake Candidates and Adheres to its standards in Recruitment. We blacklist candidates and their vendors for any future endeavor if they are found not genuine or if the client has any such feedback.

    6. Niche Screening To Identify Core and Additional skillset

      Our Screening process focuses in unleashing the core and additional Skillset of candidates. This lets us in knowing the correct fitment of Candidate in any Suitable Job profile. Our current endeavor has resulted in having a large pool of genuine and in depth Skillset candidates.

  4. Engage Areas:
    1. C2C – Contract to Hire
    2. W2 Hiring
    3. Full Time
  5. Recruitment in Extensive Verticals:
    1. Information Technology
      1. Application architecture
      2. Application development
      3. Application management
      4. Business analysis
      5. Business intelligence
      6. Project management
        1. Business analysts
        2. Coordinators
        3. Managers
      7. OBIEE/OBIA
      8. Oracle Apps
      9. DevOps
      10. Big Data(Pig, Hive Cassandra and Hadoop)
      11. Salesforce
      12. Java/J2EE
      13. JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Node.js
      14. ASP.Net, .Net and VB.Net
      15. Cosmos
      16. SAP
      17. Data Scientist
      18. AWS
      19. Automation Testing
      20. Hadoop
      21. Hyperion
  6. Increased Agility and Flexibility
    1. Thrust on Speedy Recruitment
      At Prontoux, we emphasize on Process Automation to the maximum possible extent. The Core Idea behind this is to ascertain that the speed of delivery is optimized with Zero errors.
    2. Optimized Workforce to cater large Recruitments as well as Small Ones.
      Optimized Workforce to cater large Recruitments as well as Small Ones. Prontoux has the Privilege of Serving a wide Spectrum of client from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. This is possible with the help of our intellectual Recruitment team who are innovative in their everyday life improvising the recruitment techniques and improvising the process.
  7. Talent Retention:
    1. Consistent Communication
      We believe in setting the communication channel right with our clients as well as Candidates. This helps us to comprehend any improvement areas as well grievances which need to take care with utmost priority.
    2. Better Compensation
      We believe in the Happy Minds cultivate Innovative thoughts. We Seek to have better compensation for our candidates so that they have the employee satisfaction to excel in their work.
    3. Continuous Feedback
      We look at providing the feedback on a regular basis to our candidates so that they can work towards client satisfaction. This also gives us a way to know their pain areas. We consider the grievances in a solution oriented approach.
    4. Employee Care
      We love to appreciate the good work done by our candidates. Be it their birthdays or anniversaries or work Anniversaries, we look towards celebrating tose cherished moments with them.